Happy Xmas 

Here is a post to wish all readers a Merry Christmas and hopefully a happy and prosperous New Year. Andy and I will be available on the mobiles but the office will be shut from tea time today. Enjoy the break, for those getting one, and see you in the New Year

Season of Goodwill 

In front of me today are two letters from two different firms in the same region, resetting their SMPs for January. I am put in mind of this post about a month ago. In case 1 the LSC use a “12 month average” for their forward projection in the second 6 months. In both cases […]

Preferred Supplier is Go 

The post consultation Preferred Supplier Scheme is announced and outlined here. Given that I am in a hurry today you will have to wait for my considered thoughts. Briefly however some common sense does seem to have prevailed especially with regard to financial assessment/disclosure. There are a series of new acronyms to learn, KPI and […]