Forming a View

Andy is in the office with me today looking at another live PR sample.
Rather than another post about burnishing this sample brings the issue of initial instruction pro formas to mind.
Now this is a long running, if now something of a staged, debate at JRS. For those who have not heard me talk about it this previously I tend to take a devils advocate stance – anyone who cannot record initial instructions on blank paper should not be doing the job. Rather more sensibly the prevailing attitude is that an initial instructions aide memoir, in all categories, is a valuable tool.
This sample tests these viewpoints as it includes files begun both before and after our involvement with the firm. There are therefore files containing our standard PACE recording form and others with blank paper recording. Looking at these with “peer review glasses” on I have to say that the former are much easier to follow, and consequently grade. Both approaches do however require legible handwriting!
You can download the above from the sidebar.

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