Yesterday’s Programme

This hearing ended up adjourned – conflict of interest between panel member and my clients. Sorry that should be, predictable, or easy to spot, conflict of interest had we been notified of the panel in advance – as happens elsewhere, but by no means everywhere. Never mind this is not going to happen much any more. Except, how will conflict be monitored under the new regime? In the one we’ve seen adjudicated to date we do not know who the “cost judge” was. Will they start to tell us in advance like with Peer Review?
Most absurdly this arose because of the two member panel situation (hence even more common sense pressure on the LSC to disclose the committee in advance) and when I offered to go before a single member CC I was told this was not allowed, despite a single member in private being the new preferred option.
Another wasted afternoon.
Off Peer Review training today and tomorrow!

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