Do Autorecbots Have a Sense of Humour? 

Having recently posed the question “Do Autorecbots have pets?” we were also wondering if they had a sense of humour? Earlier I expressed my trepidation that a meeting with an Arb today might potentially be influenced by his reading of this site. Early into the discussion we received an assurance to the effect: “You needn’t […]

Theme of the Week 

The depressing tone of the week continues with a further tale of a firm in financial trouble and more detail on two more Peer Review failures. I have advised one of the PR “below competent” firms. On the basis of the report alone I feel negative about the potential for an “appeal”. It does however […]

On The Road Again 

Spring time – daffodils, birds singing, lengthening nights, lambs gambolling in the fields, Leeds facing relegation and another JRS Training Tour. This time we are reverting to a format we used some years ago, a mixed “magazine style” course covering a number of topics. In essence it will be an essential updater for all practitioners […]


We are having a heated debate in the office about the decision to grant Middlesbrough a license for a “large casino”. I am in favour, Sandra is against and Jo doesn’t care (but she is from Redcar and they have enough sea front slot machines in any case). Join in, in the comments box. AFTERTHOUGHT […]

On a Lighter Note 

Can’t believe I failed to find this last week. Genuinely funny. I wonder what goes on by biog prior to final copy edit?

Sign ‘O’ The Times 

Sorry to start the week on a depressing note but for the third time in as many days I find myself advising as to the mechanisms for obtaining “hardship” payments on Crown Court cases. It is the type of anecdotal evidence useless in negotiation over Carter etc. but can it really just be a coincidence? […]

Pets Corner 

Its Friday, and fairly quiet, and the post below got me thinking about Autorecbots again. So, on a less serious theme, here is another question: Do Autorecbots have pets? Yes they do! (And yes I know I have a stupid dog too).

Yesterdays Solution 

The answer to yesterdays last question, in essence how little per month will the LSC reduce a Standard Monthly Payment to help massage figures for the DCA? Yesterday we heard of a firm who will receive a reduction of

News at Ten (well 3pm actually) 

BONG Another client firm reports a Competent Plus Crime PR result – well done, you know who you are. BONG Less cheery and very confidential news from another. BONG A third reports the lowest projected end March over-claim which has resulted in an amended SMP. Their final two payments will be reduced by… well you […]

Hear Here 

The Gazette summarises contributions to the HoC Constitutional Affairs Committee hearing surrounding Carter implementation here. Perhaps I misheard Nigel and it was Ed Cape rather than Lee Bridges putting the knife in from an academic point of view. I think you can still listen to the lot on the above link. Interesting reading nonetheless. Am […]