Show Me The Money 

As ever the Gazette “online” version is running a day behind. Given that your paper copy will be unopened, on a pile of earlier editions still inside its plastic bag, you will not have seen page 34. Here Senior Costs Judge Peter Hurst summarises the latest guideline solicitors hourly rates, as used for guidance with […]

To “Bemused” an Answer 

Yesterday “Bemused”, in the comments box asked for an explanation of this post. My first tongue in cheek response (also in the comments box) was: “Once your KPI monitoring shows green a FAVFM will be undertaken on your firm. If your RAG status remains green you will get a PR and need a grade 1 […]


I have just received another annoyed rather than angry call about contract reconciliation. Lets cut to the chase – we both agree that the LSC’s actions are a breach of contract (details on request) and that it is time for an Internal Review of the decision. The weight of these enquiries leaves me in no […]