The rather tenuous answer to the Smashie and Nicey question is in the title. S & N worked on FAB FM (until they were moved to Radio Quiet) famously only playing Bachman Turner Overdrive’s – “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”.
To participate in the Preferred Supplier Scheme (PSS) you will have to check you RAG status with regard to your KPIs and be tuned into FAV FM.
If none of this makes any sense (and there is every reason why this might be the case) check this previous post with a link to the PSS document. I am currently writing an article for the CLSA on the subject and will cross post it here on completion.
In the meantime Let’s Rock!

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3 comments on “FAV FM

  • Simon
    What does any of this mean?

  • Bemused
    Its simple really. Once your KPI monitoring shows green a FAVFM will be undertaken on your firm. If your RAG status is remains green you will get a PR and need a grade 1 or 2 to get into the PSS. BVCs will subsequently only be offered to PSs.
    More seriously – I have to drive to Lancashire now so will post a proper explanation tomorrow.

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