It struck me that the Carter proposals could be derailed by a strike of Peer Reviewers, rather than the entire profession, some time ago. I kept quiet because I didn’t want to upset our Peer Reviewer clients. One of this mornings phone calls indicates that someone else has had the same notion and it is an idea under active discussion in Yorkshire. I consequently feel less constrained.
The same caller draws my attention to the search for new LSC Commissioners. Does anyone fancy applying? Closing date is 9th February.
A JRS mouse-mat to any successful applicants, (you can just ask for one anyway).

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3 comments on “Luddism

  • interesting. Then we go to a system of “non peer” reviewers? Perhaps full time employees of the LSC- not a bad job for a disgruntled CD lawyer. Be careful what you wish for…

  • “Be careful what you wish for….”
    It’s just a thought rather than a wish really. In fact the first appearance of “peer review” was just as you describe with a group of in-house lawyers based at the London RO. I witnessed their work on immigration and crime files perhaps two years ago so it’s not a new idea. I think they want File Assessment (FAV FM) to act a proxy in any event so as to keep some degree of control if they lose the battle to keep PR away from the Law Society.

  • New LSC Commissioner
    Only apply if you are a member of the “great and the good” and whatever you do, don’t mention on your application form that you would like to see Solicitors being paid more.