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The depressing tone of the week continues with a further tale of a firm in financial trouble and more detail on two more Peer Review failures.
I have advised one of the PR “below competent” firms. On the basis of the report alone I feel negative about the potential for an “appeal”. It does however contain all the classic “major areas of concern” in criminal reviews – including advice on appeal, interview strategy at police station and quality of communication. It also has two areas we did not anticipate at the outset of the scheme – ethical issues and conflict of interest checking. These latter two items have been surprise regulars amongst the findings we have seen over the last 18 months. Overall it almost reads as if a checklist has been run through searching for findings in these top 10 areas.
Just to top it off I am off to meet an Autorecbot this afternoon – hope it is not one who has read this blog!
Any good news stories submitted will be published.

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