To “Bemused” an Answer

Yesterday “Bemused”, in the comments box asked for an explanation of this post.
My first tongue in cheek response (also in the comments box) was:

“Once your KPI monitoring shows green a FAVFM will be undertaken on your firm. If your RAG status remains green you will get a PR and need a grade 1 or 2 to get into the PSS. BVCs will subsequently only be offered to PSs.”

More seriously, here is a brief summary of the PS process in Civil. Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) will probably be an amalgam of current monitoring data compared to performance against the new standard fees and reporting codes. They will be “developed with input from practitioners”. RAG is a red/amber/green assessment process (similar to the current low/medium/high risk designation), only those on “green”, for go, will be progressed to the next stage, File Assessment Value for Money. A detailed explanation of this and the process is due shortly however as described looks a lot like an expanded contract compliance exercise but with no “extrapolation” risk. It is essentially a final filtration process prior to Peer Review (although the process will operate the other way round, PR first, in crime). You will require a top table score, 1 or 2, on PR to become a Preferred Supplier, and ultimately only such firms will be able to participate in Best Value Contracting. Easy isn

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