I am back in the mire of Contract Compliance today much to my annoyance. Interestingly, as an addendum to yesterday, the threshold for concern on taxation of CDS 7 bills is to be 15%. Now I appreciate the differences in the processes here, especially the issue of enhancement claims, but that said why did we […]

Contracting Market 

You will have received these changes to your Civil and Criminal Contracts today I have to find them on the “interweb”. On a first scan the most noticeable point in the Criminal version is the weaving of Peer Review into the contract with a confirmation of the Cat 2 – Competence Plus, threshold for Preferred […]

Abacus Time 

Has anybody had recent experience of Duty Solicitor compliance exercises being run by the LSC? (We know about Bradford). If you have we would be grateful for a comment, a call or an e-mail.

Lowering the Bar 

Marcel Berlins gives his take on the situation facing entry to the Bar here.

Driveby Shooting (Video that is) 

We discussed the LSC’s “Drivetime Tables” below. These are the journey-time assumptions upon which the revised duty scheme borders are based. In addition to earlier observations, estimates significantly lower than practitioners experiences, average speed requirements above the speed limit etc., we decided to test one route. The new border where our office is situated, Cleveland, […]

I’ve Got The Power 

The devolved powers point mentioned below seems to have more resonance than I initially realised. Steve reports the same story as my contact and likewise locates the current problem with a shift in assessment venue from Leeds to Chester. The latter take a somewhat different interpretation on the subject. I have had a non-exhaustive check […]

Spooky Coincidence 

Just by chance I have just fielded a Devolved Powers query concerning claiming for emergency self grants (more later). The firm in question have also had cost reductions made for the very same Bradford – Keighley trip discussed previously. To enhance the scientific sample in yesterdays poll I asked about their expected journey time – […]

(I Don’t Want to) Go To Keighley* 

This is neither a “dress down Friday” nostalgia trip nor a football related rant about the inappropriateness of the involvement anyone connected with that bit of London with the Mighty Leeds United. (Though whilst on the subject of nostalgia here are two things which attracted my attention). Rather this post relates to the growing number […]

And Now The End is Near 

The winding down of the PDS will come as little of a shock to most people. Perhaps more surprising is that the two Welsh offices get another year to prove their “cost effectiveness”. Meanwhile the continuation of the Darlo and Cheltenham offices is something we predicated here. I remember trying to calm practitioner paranoia at […]

Fighting On 

Further to our coverage of the strike comes this report in todays Gazette. Seems like our Hull correspondent was correct.