Go Slow of the Clones 

We have had encountered more Autorecbot activity this morning (yes 105% balance of payments reconciliations rather than 107.5%) I then spotted this. Read the bit on civil bills. The two key phrases are: “we have an obligation to manage our cash flow within our resources at the end of the financial year” and “you will […]

Hot Off The Press (well laser printer) 

Further to this story the revised Mental Health “Improving your Quality” Guide is now published. The changes, from an extremely quick read, relate to the frequency of visits to clients anticipated by the reviewers. Anything which looks like establishing firm benchmarks e.g. the controversial “5 visits” has been made considerably more vague. As ever comments […]

Your Thoughts Please 

The drinks break in yesterdays Peer Review course got diverted into a consideration of the firms QPR and CMRC reports (that’s Quality Profile Report and Contract Management Review Criteria for slackers). The only adverse statistic was a high percentage bill reduction rate on their CDS 7s. “Ah lost a couple of enhancement claims recently then”, […]