Wrong (again) 

The VHCC Best Value Panel (BVP) is, to my mind, by far the most interesting of this weeks glut of consultations. Not only is there more detail to go at there is an intriguing underlying methodology to consider – potentially equally applicable to other planned and forthcoming contracting initiatives. Very briefly it works like this. […]

Data Integrity 

“Quality Profile reports are not currently being produced due to issues over the integrity of the data the (sic) contain”. Has anyone else encountered a similar response from the LSC or is it just one RO?

More Fighting 

I was unable to post yesterday as I was on my travels – again PR training in Yorkshire. (To an interesting town where the 5 PR results we are aware of do not reflect our judgement of real quality). Anyhow that aside the Gazette’s front page story is the same one we ran earlier in […]