And Now The End is Near

The winding down of the PDS will come as little of a shock to most people. Perhaps more surprising is that the two Welsh offices get another year to prove their “cost effectiveness”. Meanwhile the continuation of the Darlo and Cheltenham offices is something we predicated here.
I remember trying to calm practitioner paranoia at the inception of this experiment and so feel somewhat vindicated today – frankly spotting that it would ultimately fail was hardly difficult, even back then.
That said I don not find it a reason for celebration. Rather I share the sympathy, expressed by a Merseyside practitioner I spoke to yesterday, for those being made directly redundant by the Commission. This news arrives on a morning where another advice line caller informs me of “indirect” redundancies being forced upon suppliers in his home town. At least, and its is frankly little or no comfort to those involved, the latter have not been paid at inflated rates which will make transition back into the private sector doubly difficult.
Depressingly I have little doubt that this theme will become increasingly common.
Thanks to Anon in the comments on “War of Attrition” below.

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2 comments on “And Now The End is Near

  • It tells you a lot about an organisation that will CULL its own first.

  • Would this have anything to do with the fact that some of these offices would not meet the proposed “Minimum Threshold” contract values as proposed this week and/or under the Fix Price police station prices be able to survive??