Data Integrity

“Quality Profile reports are not currently being produced due to issues over the integrity of the data the (sic) contain”.

Has anyone else encountered a similar response from the LSC or is it just one RO?

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  • We have queried our acquittal rate and discovered that this was being calculated, not as a proportion of all matters that were listed for trial or were expected to be, but as a proportion of ALL categories from D2 to O2 including I2- which are of course guilty pleas! This skews the acquittal percentage downwards and should not be happening.
    We also had concerns raised for the following reasons: 15% of our clients were being released from the police station after reprimand or caution, when the national average was 6.8%. We thought alternative resolution was to be encouraged, not seen as a cause for concern by the LSC.
    We were further mystified to find that 100% of our cases were a “mix of guilty plea and discontinuance where listed” whatever that may mean!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There are clearly flaws with the data and I can only urge people to check out their QP results.

  • I hope it’s not the same data they gave to Lord Carter.

  • Scary thought that one!