Further Sightings

I am preparing correspondence to this Autorecbot seeking an early reinstatement of a clients SMPs. Interestingly in this case the “overpayment” is almost exactly the same as the first contract payment made in 2001. I have commented previously about how this was then described as an “interest free loan” and that now the bailiffs have now been called in.
Yesterday I had sight of a clients letter to another requesting the full 107.5% balance of payments allowance which has been tenaciously refused to date.
On a positive note I spoke to a firm yesterday ruminating over whether to hold back some claims this month to put through next. I advised that it is a good Autorecbot defence to be underpaid – you never get any contact in those circumstances – unless you know otherwise?
Here is some secret film of an LSC training session earlier this year, taken by a good, rebel Autorecbot:

Here is their new “company song”:

By way of thanks to the good Autorecbots out there here is:

My version of the latter is available on the album “Start” by the “slow time mondays” (“Best debut album of 2006” – M.R., Solicitor, Doncaster) for

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