Corny Friday Related Song 

Continuing to try and lift the gloom how about this:

Sound of Popping Corks 

Here is something slightly more upbeat. The first clients with whom we’ve been working on a Peer Review improvement project have just had a live result. And it’s (drum roll) Competence Plus – excellent! Our congratulations to them!

Competition Time 

I have just faxed a copy of CRIMLA 12 (available here in the Points of Principle Manual) to a client appealing a CDS 7 determination. For those of you equally sick and tired of one-line justifications for reductions, especially regarding enhancement, which never engage with your special features submissions, this is one we perhaps should […]

Gazette Watch 

We mentioned the Westminster protest earlier in the week. It makes the front page. I note that the DCA call this “unprofessional and irresponsible”. Obviously instructing and then ignoring experts who conclude that these proposals carry real risk of “market failure” is entirely different. In other news I notice a report on litigation concerning a […]