“Autorecbot – Duty Solicitor sub routine run time error 904”?

Whilst at Law London earlier in the week, news of the first new post Carter Duty rotas began seeping through. I heard of firms both happy and disgruntled with their percentage allocations.
Last night at 19.52 (just to prove that we are not on flexi time here!) I spoke to a client with an interesting situation. He had been told of his allocation, at the West Yorkshire meeting by a “man with a computer at the back of the room” and was not too dissatisfied. On further thought he began to question the raw number of claims on which his percentage had been worked – surely, his thinking ran, we did more than this over a 12 month period?
Sure enough a quick check on his CDS 6 Wizard shows the number the LSC are relying on is about half of their claims in the current boundary. It looks as though they have not included work related to the towns second Police Station. If this is the case, and we are still investigating, then the entire rota has been miscalculated. Could this possibly be the case in the brave new post Carter world? Is this an “Autorecbot Duty Solicitor sub routine run time error 904”?
Given this is the first one we have looked at in any detail we perhaps need to be afraid! Please tell us of your experiences.
In addition to Shirley’s comment we have had another firm only getting roughly half the number of raw cases allowed. We think that the original problem might be as a result of the exclusion of one of the two claim codes for the same local Police Station.

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  • I am sure that this is what is happening. I have calculated the number of police stations that I have done and find that I have done the total number stated in 6 months. I have not yet had official confirmation of the figures. I have just been told about it over the phone and so am waiting for the letter.

  • A third client from the same zone reports the same experience and possible reason for it – the ommission of claims from on PS id no.