Autorecbot Skirmish

Despite a few recent victories, and an anticipated lull in combat given the forthcoming Contract year-end, hostilities continue with the Autorecbots. They have, however, now resorted to dirty tactics in their attempts to frustrate the work of JRS.
Last night at 2am, a London Unit set off the fire alarm in my hotel, requiring a full scale evacuation and 15 minutes on a shivering cold London street. Ingenious hey?
Remember, just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.
Posted by Blueberry from Heathrow.

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One comment on “Autorecbot Skirmish

  • You are losing the plot Simon. How could you possible think that a civil servant would be working at 2am? (or even at 4.01 pm for that matter). Even the bots are on flexi with a pension.