Busy Day

Knowing that most lawyers will be reading our usual, light hearted, “dress down Friday” post here, the LSC have chosen today to “bury” a series of consultations. (Actually it was yesterday but that rather spoils the story!).
The Immigration stuff and the Unified Contract we did of course trail yesterday. Unfortunately due to pressure of work I can’t imagine we will be able to post as speedily about them as we normally do. Sorry maybe next week.
I have however, since this, been eagerly awaiting the ECMS (Electronic Case Management System) specification. This too is out today. To be honest we had been anticipating something somewhat more substantive. “It must have a box with lots of wires coming out of it” frankly doesn’t take things that much further forward.
We intend to progress our ECMS project later this month so any further thoughts, on top of the almost universally positive earlier feedback, would be gratefully received.
We are now having a staff meeting so I might not get round to a “ddf” post – will see what we can do!

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  • You must have been posting this as I was making a comment under yesterday’s post, as it was not there when I began.