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I decided to work from home today to try and (re)read all the background material necessary for our forthcoming training tour and Law London next Wednesday. It is half eleven and the phone and e-mail have not stopped all morning. On top of that I have been disturbed by both the milkman and the window cleaner. (Given what follows in the rest of this piece, and the amount both these have just charged me, either of these vocations might prove a fruitful career alternative for Legal Aid lawyers). There goes the door bell has gone again!
In the midst of all this is a call from Nigel Ford drawing my attention to this report. It seems that the LSC have been pressured into publishing it due to the persistence of the earlier mentioned Andrew Keogh – well done that man.
(Promotional call from Barclaycard interrupts)
If you do nothing else read the two page summary. There is not one of the 11 paragraphs that I would particularly highlight and it is written with the diplomacy of an experienced report writer. As Mr Ford says – “Couldn’t have put it better myself”.
My four word summary:
(Client call interrupts)
Carter Doomed to Failure.

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