New Duty Rota Allocation Consultation Out 

Here it is, comments required by 18th May.

Two Bits of News 

Firstly more evidence that the proposed Peer Review “roll out” is happening on schedule as we have received a panicky call from a Mental Health supplier. Also the Leeds RO confirm that Bingley and Keighley, soon to be merged with Bradford in a new larger Duty boundary, also count as a “designated area” for the […]

What to do? 

Over the years I have come across “in-tray” exercises in a number of contexts – assessment centres as part of training courses etc. I have always thought them somewhat artificial however I am faced with a real life one today. There are course notes for this forthcoming tour, a special features notice on a large […]

Radio Silence 

We will not be discussing football here for some time to come.