Speaking with Forked Tongue

I have kept up with news, especially the duty rota saga, via the BillBerry. That this will now be subject to litigation was equally as predictable as that they would get it wrong in the first place.
As I left the UK a fortnight ago the correspondence under consideration was discussed here. Subsequent to that were the somewhat triumphalist press releases following the 94% sign-up to the new civil contract. Derek Hill’s notification of the delay in implementation of the new rotas is, perhaps not surprisingly, less bullish. Given that they have seemingly abandoned their preferred option (number 1) due to its impracticality in “these types of methodologies” and have reverted to Option 2 (snapshot of number of Duty Solicitors as of November 2006), this is hardly surprising too. He also deploys the “working together” theme utilised in this style of conciliatory correspondence. Having just returned from the USA and remembering the Westerns of my youth the title of this post obviously picked itself.
Here is Bindmans pre-action letter which Nigel mentions in the comments.

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  • Take a look at the law soc website under defending legal aid they have instructed Bindman and Partners with regard to a potential further JR re the duty sol allocation. Looks like the gloves are really off!