Paul Hinds, Solicitor 

Yesterday we belatedly learnt of the untimely death of Leeds solicitor Paul Hinds. It is therefore with great sadness that we bring this news to others who knew him, but similarly did not hear in time to attend the packed funeral last week. We extend our condolences to his family and friends. We helped Paul […]

Diary Check 

Posting here has been a bit haphazard of late. Strangely I find myself busier travelling than for many years, this keeping me out of the office for pretty much all of the next three weeks. The current week for instance involves two days training, one in-house the other as part of the the current tour. […]

CDS Direct 

Here are the LAPGs views of the latest CDS Direct proposals: The LSC has today announced that it intends to proceed with a scheme whereby all requests for advice in the police station will be directed via the Duty Solicitor Call Centre, even where the client has requested their own solicitor, and in less serious […]

What type of Hat? 

Steve Barnes writes: I was told yesterday that someone responsible for the Court Duty allocation for a town in West Yorkshire forgot to allocate anyone for Saturday Court; his rather blase response to the understandable queries raised was to say that if any firms are interested he would take the solictor’s details and “draw lots […]

Wine and Nurofen 

Bit under the weather. Recurring neck problem. Trying a bit of easy dictation from the comfy sofa. So here’s something a bit gentler this week. (Welsh Country music on Tuesday the proper US version today).

And Finally Some Good News 

This is another example of something which interests me but usually leaves everyone else pretty cold. That said the fact that over half the 205 criminal firms peer reviewed are competent plus must be heartening. The 17% appeals success rate is, I suppose, less so and is almost exactly the mirror image of our CCA […]

Taxing Time 

Is it just me or is the taxation and assessment process getting harsher? Certainly my anecdotal evidence is backed up by that of a couple of clients and a recently published SCCO case report. That said another corespondent reports a good decision under the new LSC appeals process. Let us know you experiences.

Robots in Disguise 

A correspondent to the Gazette (as ever it is not yet possible to provide a link) has spotted, as we did, the LSC’s search for a Transformer. If you missed this first time round the proper job title is “Director of Organisational Transformation”. Whether the “attractive six figure package” will compensate for being “loathed” by […]

A Grand Day Out 

Friends of this site Afentis are “shouting” at lawyers, on this subject, next week. Rodney and I are at it too, in Birmingham.

File Beauty Parades 

I return from my wanderings, and an excellent performance by these guys, to another Peer Review result. This one is a Cat 4. In case you have not got the drift of the process yet there is one quote which sums it up: “Whilst the advocates achieved some good results, this was not supported on […]