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Here are the LAPGs views of the latest CDS Direct proposals:

The LSC has today announced that it intends to proceed with a scheme whereby all requests for advice in the police station will be directed via the Duty Solicitor Call Centre, even where the client has requested their own solicitor, and in less serious cases, the only advice given will be telephone advice from the centralised telephone service CDS Direct.
LAPG Director Richard Miller said, “This change will confuse vulnerable clients into forgoing legal advice in the police station, which may well lead to more miscarriages of justice. We do not see how this proposal can save anyone’s time or money. It replaces a single phone call from the police to the solicitor with a complex procedure that will involve numerous calls at the LSC’s expense.
“Diverting clients to CDS Direct when they have asked for their own solicitor does not make sense from a purely human perspective. Where a solicitor has an established relationship with the client, the solicitor may well be able to persuade the client to accept the situation and co-operate as necessary. Conversely, a telephone call from a complete stranger may well merely generate a stream of invective and a refusal to
co-operate. We therefore believe that the police will be significantly disadvantaged by this scheme as well.
“All in all, we believe there are many good reasons for not going ahead, and none for going ahead.”

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