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Posting here has been a bit haphazard of late. Strangely I find myself busier travelling than for many years, this keeping me out of the office for pretty much all of the next three weeks. The current week for instance involves two days training, one in-house the other as part of the the current tour. Thursday however sees me meeting 2 new clients in the North West. I am supposed to be taking some time out on Friday to spend with my in-laws but that is looking fairly unlikely right now.
Next follows a week with overnights in Birmingham (again) and the one after that is to be spent mainly in London. In the middle of this there is a fresh Peer Review appeal to write and I was hoping to see Middlesbrough Music Live from the rooftop of MIMA on Sunday, not least given that I am in-house training the weekend after.
This level of travel was commonplace at one time however in recent years, especially during the Contract Compliance Wars, I have become more office bound. Given the uncertainty of present times, and often just the simple need to chat with somebody independent, I imagine requests for meetings to increase rather than the opposite.
P.S. sorry there was no Friday video clip last week will do two this to make up.

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