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Longer ago than I care to remember we spotted the move towards remote monitoring based on contract reporting data. (It was an intelligent spot about which we are really quite smug). At the time, and I do not think this has much changed, there was not a single proprietary brand of accounts software which provided reporting functions to meet this development.
This created a number of problems, not least challenging the LSCs statistical assumptions became a significant manual task. Our hope was to come up with an easy to use solution which would not involve duplication of data input – either into a secondary piece of software or in addition to the manual completion of CMRF or CDS 6 forms. So the aim was something which would produce report forms and hold onto the data in a format that could be extensively, but speedily, interrogated.
We pondered on this for some time, not being computer experts, to no avail.
The next part of the story is both true and also now part of JRS folklore. (And I recount it although it makes me appear slightly obsessive). I had a dream in which I created a Microsoft Excel workbook, involving a “cut and paste” macro, which met all our specifications. I woke up, and before the image faded, walked across the landing and into my home office (where I am typing this now) and spent the next few hours making it a reality. So were born the CDS 6 and CMRF “Generators” as we originally called them.
We have more recently renamed them “Wizards” and today proudly launch the new post April 2007 on-line versions. They are available FREE from the “Resources” section on the side bar and can be used to report either on-line or traditionally.
There is a new downloadable “users guide” to accompany them too.
We could not manage this entirely alone this time and would like to publicly thank Chris for this help.
Finally let us know of any glitches so we can sort them out.
Happy Wizarding

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