Carry on Regardless 

The plans for the allocation of the next round of interim Police Station Duty Rotas are announced. Move along, move along, nothing to see here


I do not have time for a full length comment on yesterdays Software Vendors Conference in Birmingham. I left at half time after finding out we were no way further forward with regard to Electronic Case Management Systems. Apparently we will get a better definition of the LCS’s minimum requirements i.e. what a “file” is, […]

Quality Improvement Guides 

As promised to the London audience on Tuesday here is a link to our original story on the Quality Improvement Guides. Happy reading.

Ranee Bassi, Solicitor 

Once again I find myself using this place to bring bad news, this time the tragic death of Ranee Bassi a client of ours in Birmingham. Sadly we only knew Ranee during the difficult times being a female sole practitioner from an ethnic background with an immigration contract created. She did however have the courage, […]