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I have, for the first time in a long time, two back-to-back days in the office. Having now cleared the decks, mainly junk mail and e-spam, I can now have a think about some work.
Top of the list is “VHCC in the Attic” with of course some revisionary reading about to begin, not least that I am out and about helping firms bid later in the week.
I have also been talking to journalists about Peer Review following the case referred to in the link. I have a little more info on this now and it appears that the LSC caved in at the door of the Court having tried to kick it into the long grass of “arbitration”. They have agreed to have a new look at the “appeals” procedure too apparently. There are differing opinions as to whether this is the process beginning to unravel.
Next up is a pile of cheques to sign – can I go back on the road please?

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