Polling Station 

Free poll by Listomatica.com Please give your response to this statement: “I have found the VHCC bid process well designed, clearly and thoroughly explained, simple to prepare and my firm managed to complete it without any significant problems” Yes it was a breeze – well done LSC! I found it an interesting challenge which was […]

Bidders Thoughts Required 

As you can quickly establish this weeks posts have been unashamedly, but obviously monotonously for non-bidders, almost entirely about the VHCC Auction. The phone traffic in this office has been unbelievable and bidders experience unprintable. Confidentiality precludes me divulging little more than the following paraphrase from a client’s account of a recent phone conversation with […]

The End of the Peer Show 

Sandra Dolly writes: Independent Lawyer – July/August 2007 Issue – pages 8 & 9: “Peer Reviewers are on the brink of revolt as they fear that the quality monitoring process has been ‘hijacked’ and that they are being ‘used’”. DOH!