Diary Update

Have just about finished the latest PR appeal (well “representations” actually). If you missed my opening lines you can read them here.
This was not the only “error of fact” either so with a bit of luck another win to add to the 1.5 so far recorded – not a good record I admit.
I can now concentrate on the growing pile of VHCC applications on the desk opposite which are awaiting some JRS input.
Then it’s off to town to replace more items lost/stolen in my case at LHR – that’s right it’s still not turned up. After that follows a drive to the West Midlands and “surf and turf” in the sad commercial travellers corner of the hotel. Some lucky punters get shouted at about Peer Review tomorrow.
2 more days of VHCC and my reward a week in the sun – don’t worry other VHCC bidders I have the entire last week of the month set aside for nothing but “Cases Under the Hammer”.

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