LATT No. 1

If you are not familiar with Viz Comic (which is understandable given that it is often childish and puerile and appeals only to big kids like me) you will have missed out their fantastic “Top Tips” section. This replicates the type of barroom wisdom often found at the bottom of tabloid letters pages. You can read 195 examples here.
My recent favourite (8/195) reads as follows:

DAILY MAIL EDITORS. Confuse your readers by claiming that asylum seekers are the natural predators of paedophiles

I am often put in mind of such pearls during contact with the profession and so am starting here a law specific set of top tips, LATTs, to help and guide the developing post Carter law firms.
So here is the first in an irregular series:

No 1
Solicitors why not put the person in the firm with the worst hearing, least understanding of the switchboard and the poorest communication skills on reception so as to enhance your clients experience of your firm.

Send your own for inclusion.

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