Shouting and Song 

I have just finished the course notes for the, near sell out, North Eastern leg of our next shouting tour. There are places left at the other venues. As ever doing it late in the date is part my own fault part the ever present anticipation of the publication of other relevant course materials by […]

In Other News 

My replacement data projector has arrived next weeks training can go ahead Wakefield is to get a CLAC and East Yorkshire a CLAN*. These pieces of news are not related. *Community Legal Advice Centre or Network

Get Your Skates On 

Sorry, this has passed us by (we don’t get the same correspondence suppliers get). You seemingly have until this Friday, 31st August, to make your last ever claim for Civil File Review. The claim should contain all actual claims from 1st October 2006 plus an estimate of any others yet to be done before 30th […]

Move Along, Move Along, Nothing To See Here 

We thought the addition of the “What’s New” front page to the LSC Web-site was a good idea; one central place where you can find the latest publications without the need for a detailed search of the site. Consequently, being the anorak I am, I check it most days. Today, nothing new. Or perhaps not. […]

Good Bank Holiday? 

We did, and a traditional one too (minus rain!). Had lunch at The Stray Cafe Redcar, View Larger Map then walked the 4 miles or so to Saltburn for a pint outside the Ship Inn at Saltburn. Later we walked back and had Fish n Chips for tea.

Grovestock III 

Performing live for the first time this year, tomorrow night (yeah not very industrious, I know ). Doing the usual slow time mondays, acoustic stuff but we have put in some last minute practice with the local related youth and intend to do two short electric sets. I am even gong to sing ! (well […]

Ask Your Hairdresser 

The LSC are trying to attract press attention for CLS Direct. At the bottom of the page they supply three case studies. It is a long time since I did debt casework (nearly 15 years) however I seriously doubt that it will be possible to achieve similar outcomes within the, roughly, 2 and a half […]


I am preparing my September Training course. It predominantly deals with changes to the civil scheme, though will touch on issues relevant to CDS firms. The Unified contract is now in force for Civil firms (with further changes due in October) and will impact on Criminal Defence practitioners next April. One of the changes is […]

History Today 

The “goin’ back in time” theme continues with calls about UPOA and CCA taking up most of my air time this morning. I mentioned the former last week because the Law Society are taking an interest in it. As it has raised its ugly head in our world again I would be very grateful for […]

On the Slide? 

The October changes to the CDS contract, PACE fixed fees, VHCC Panel etc. are being put back by a fortnight to October 15th. Is this the first or the final slippage to the timetable?