Shaggy Dog Story 

My younger dog “Tabby” has successfully had her lumps removed today – a weekend of whimpering in an Elizabethan collar to follow!

Old Fashioned Values 

We have discussed “excellence in customer service” in three posts in the last two days – mostly to have another (gratuitous?) pop at the Commission. To even things out my question is simple – Is there a large organisation in the world with which it is possible to have a reasonable customer supplier relationship? Nat […]

LATT No. 3 

Here are the previous Top Tips by way of background. So far they are all telephone related, as is this one. LSC why not purchase an automated phone answering service which cannot re-route calls but requires the caller to write down another number and then ring back. This will allow you to continue to deliver […]

Into the Bullring 

On the subject of shouting* here is another gig I have lined up in Birmingham. It concerns the very interesting issue of the “out sourcing” of legal work which may well become an important opportunity for legal aid practices in the years ahead. Come along or give me a ring if you can’t make it […]