More Goin’ Back In time 

Just spotted this Law Society initiative regarding UPOA (unrecouped payments on account) and thought it deserved an airing here. Follow the link and answer the questionnaire if you have been affected.

Irresistible Force -v- Immovable Object 

When is a 12 Noon VHCC application deadline not a 12 Noon deadline? Obviously when, retrospectively, it is a 5.30pm deadline. Why did that happen then? And which item from the title is which? PS If you delivered between these two times, have a signed chit and left your “late” application with the LSC you […]

But Two Does… 

Hot on the heels of yesterdays autorecbot sighting comes a second. Similar in content, this must mean we are now in a period of auto reconciliation activity. Please take the necessary evasive action.