Move Along, Move Along, Nothing To See Here

We thought the addition of the “What’s New” front page to the LSC Web-site was a good idea; one central place where you can find the latest publications without the need for a detailed search of the site. Consequently, being the anorak I am, I check it most days.
Today, nothing new. Or perhaps not. Steve, delving somewhat deeper found this.
Published today, it is the “Final Evaluation of the FAInS (Family Advice and Information Service) Pilot”.
Perhaps paragraph 23 of the LSC Summary explains why.

“The research concludes that FAInS does not appear to have effected much change in family law practice. Although there have been some subtle shifts in the approach adopted by some FAInS practitioners, they have not been substantial enough to be able to detect any major change on the behaviour of solicitors or their clients”.

This and, (if my guess is correct), Preferred Supplier down the tubes, in one summer?
It went on the front of the site today! Was this a response to our post or just coincidence and us being pre-emptive? You can be the judge.
P.S. I think the latter.

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