You Lose some…. You Win Some 

I have been bent over t’internet all day awaiting a further announcement regarding CDS contracts in January. This was anticipated mid morning but at 15.45 it is still a no show. I will not risk testing my memory of the call which alerted me to this event, so you will have to wait on tenterhooks […]

Your (Friday) Song 

It’s not really quite my thing, a bit too sentimental, but saw her live as the support act for Richard Hawley on Monday night. She kept the Sage Hall 1 enwrapped for 30 mins by herself with just a guitar. If anything I think she was better live than on this version. Reservations aside she […]

Civil Round Up 

As we reach the end of the current training tour I think it is worth reinforcing certain point especially those which have cropped up most commonly in recent phone traffic. The new forms have begun to dribble through – I have a new CLS Claim 1A and an EC Claim 1 in front of me […]