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As we reach the end of the current training tour I think it is worth reinforcing certain point especially those which have cropped up most commonly in recent phone traffic.
The new forms have begun to dribble through – I have a new CLS Claim 1A and an EC Claim 1 in front of me and I have just spoken to someone who has sight of a CW1 PL too. They are not on the web site as yet.
The CW1 PL (for Level 2 Family Help in Public Law when acting for a parent or someone with Parental Responsibility) makes clear one of the controversies identified during our sessions. The LSC line seems to have been more robustly expressed as their concurrent briefing sessions rolled out to whit – you must have written confirmation of the Local Authorities’ intention to issue proceedings before you can complete the CW1 PL. Or as someone in Wales paraphrased “there will be no level 2 claims”. Apparently there have been national negotiations with the LAs to ensure even operation of this protocol however this does not look likely in the immediate future.
Staying with Public Law can we reconfirm that the escape multiplier at level 3 is 2 times the anticipated graduated fee.
Don’t forget the 21 day “cooling off period” before claiming settlement fees and neither the 6 month claw-back rule for the same in Level 2 private law work.
Finally we also promised to pass on information of as to what constitutes a “substantive benefit” outcome code – so here they are.
P.S. As the practicalities become apparent, on the receipt of the forms etc. (check your master-pack updates and guidance), would anybody be interested in a shorter than usual course for those practically involved in billing/reporting? Shout up or I will happily avoid the pain this will certainly involve.

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