Taking His Life in His Own Hands

As you can probably imagine we have had a bit of an ear bending over the phone regarding the October changes. Confusion reigns (watch for further news here today regarding Online billing for instance!). A major gap in recent training (ours and theirs) has been lack of direct practical guidance on billing/reporting – not helped by the fact that forms were not actually available at the bulk of those courses.
Consequently we have had our arms twisted a bit to run a “nuts and bolts” session dealing with issues such as; which is the right form to use, how to issue Civil UFN and UCNs, how to report exceptional cases and how to avoid having your Online billing rejected?
We will also be attempting a very risky Question and Answer session, (as ever, for the grizzly, without the aid of a safety net!).
Timescales have restricted the events to our Northern heartlands, on the following dates:

Manchester – 25th October
Newcastle Gateshead – 30th October
Leeds Bradford – 31st October

Here is a downloadable booking form, alternatively you can ring or E-mail the office.
So if your idea of fun is watching someone dodging rotten fruit – we can indulge you in the very near future.

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