The Chamber of Secrets

We have mentioned a number of times our intention to have an Online CMRF (and CDS 6) Wizard in place for compulsory electronic billing this Autumn. If you have not come across the requirement yet your November reporting of your October Civil Contract work (controlled work) has to be submitted online.
Having got an Online version “to market”, well sort of – it is still free, earlier in the year it is of course a complete pain to have to start again. This is compounded by the proximity of the deadline and more so by the yet incomplete disclosure of the information necessary to begin the task – some sample CMRFs would be helpful for instance.
Against this backdrop we will do all we can to make this happen, Andy and Steve met with our programming wonk yesterday. Those relying on mainstream software suppliers should give them a ring for a progress update. You should however be sensitive to the fact that they are struggling under the same LSC created difficulties as we are. The latter might like to consider a delay to the timetable as a sensible peace offering.

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  • Went to a LSC “training day”
    All September CMRF claims must be filed 15th October 2007. There will no access to LSC online between 16th October and 5th November 2007 October. October submissions can’t be made until after 5th Nov. New user name and password required after the 5th. No sign of the new claim forms only “promises” that they will be available online later this month.

  • Was it any good or do the quotation marks give the game away?

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