As Night Follows Day

With depressing predictability the LSC follow up the Law Society’s recent adviceon CDS contract signature with a press release of their own. You will be reassured to know they seek “to reassure solicitors who are considering signing the contract”.
A more substantive response to the LS concerns is to follow however there is no talk of negotiation or consultation.

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3 comments on “As Night Follows Day

  • This little gem tucked away in the last line of a press release announcing 75,000 more civil case allocations. “In the near future we also anticipate a re-tendering of existing contracts for providing services for Immigration Removal Centres, including those subject to the Detained Fast-Track processes and pilots for detention advice surgeries and police station advice.”
    New tender for police station advice? One way to implement a minimum contract size i suppose?

  • LSC has stated this relates only to immigration work. I am paranoid after all!

  • Sorry missed this yesterday, out of office, yeah there is an Immig PS pilot running at the moment. Just because you are paranoid that does not mean they aren’t out to get you!

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