Even More Offline deadlines 

Online billing looks like it is going to remain Offline for the forseable future. Certainly next months subsmissions can be either On paper submissions by 10 Dec 07 or Via case management system submissions/bulkload spreadsheets by 14 Dec 07 Make sure you use the correct forms and codes and out CMRF and CDS 6 Wizards […]

Breaking News 

This just in – I am making further enquiries regarding the detail. LSC urged to embrace landmark Legal Aid ruling Thames Valley solicitors, Dexter Montague & Partners celebrated success at the Court of Appeal today in their claim brought jointly with the Law Society against the Legal Services Commission

“Offline” and Phone Lines 

I have just helped someone meet this, now passed, revised deadline. They were made aware of problems with their civil submission yesterday afternoon and we have just sent an XML file by e-mail to rectify the situation. More interestingly their phone conversation revealed an LSC Regional Office with all leave cancelled and the staff on […]

Another Day, Another Offline Deadline 

Did you get your November (for October) submissions in on time? If not we have been told that there is a further deadline extension – you have until 10 am tomorrow, Thursday November 29th to get them done. Get to it.

Money Advice? 

Snowed Under With Debt? Legal Aid can help. With just a month until the new CDS Contract the Legal Services Commission (LSC) is urging people to plan Christmas finances now to avoid a New Year debt crisis.

Shout to the Top! 

Yesterday we had something of a run on bookings for in-house shouting (by which we mean training). By coincidence that is what I am shortly off to do today. This afternoons session will cover the current changes to the civil scheme and I will be repeating this at a number of venues in the next […]

Another Week, Another Deadline 

In fact not just one but two. Firstly on Wednesday is the closure of the Mental Health bidding round. This is followed up on Friday with the deadline for submission of CDS 12 Duty Solicitor forms for the drawing up of the January Police Station rotas. PS Don’t forget to do your Offline submissions by […]

Two For the Price of One 

Steve has been off poorly this week so this weeks Friday song is for him: I was going to put this one up: Good weekend everybody!

Other Side of the World 

Do you remember a time when Franchising was voluntary, forms were green and all you needed to know about Legal Aid was contained in a single paperback book? During this veritable Golden Age (I know it wasn’t really just play along please) franchise teams at Regional Offices were filled with positive Liaison Managers only too […]

All Aboard the Sky Lark 

I was perhaps a bit too flip in my immediate response to the LSC’s latest out of a clear blue sky “initiative” the “Provider Reference Group”. Now real fossils of franchising like me will probably remember similar focus groups the first, in my fragile memory, being the FLUG (Franchise Liaison User Groups I recall). Once […]