Even More Offline deadlines

Online billing looks like it is going to remain Offline for the forseable future. Certainly next months subsmissions can be either

On paper submissions by 10 Dec 07 or
Via case management system submissions/bulkload spreadsheets by 14 Dec 07

Make sure you use the correct forms and codes and out CMRF and CDS 6 Wizards are operational and conform with the bulkload requirement.
Give us a ring for further guidance.

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5 comments on “Even More Offline deadlines

  • Perhaps the Online Team should now do the honourable thing and return their gong?

  • I haven’t laughed this much in ages! Please read Rosina Farrell’s letter to Suppliers about online submissions (on LSC Website). The good news is that everyone is going to be paid this month regardless of whether they have submitted successfully or not and regardless of what form they have used, or codes (a postcard will probably suffice!)- the reason (reading between the lines) is that they have no idea whatsoever exactly who has submitted and who has not submitted their claims and have just realised how long it is going to take someone to input everything they have received. Booze up and brewery springs to mind….Once again I predict that paper submissions will be allowed up to and including March 2008. I pity the guy at Head Office who likes Account Managers to reconcile contracts each and every month – he’ll be chuffed with this debacle! Autorecbots on hold!

    Further to above comments, it has dawned on me that whilst reconciliation activity is on hold, this may well result in draconian and severe cuts to payments (for any firm underbilling) once the system is up and running again and so I urge every firm to continue to be pro-active in monitoring their payment vs claims position between now and the end of financial year, in readiness for a call in the New Year. Very little discretion will be available to Account Managers, who will be under great pressure to reconcile as close to 100% as possible- so be warned and be prepared!!

  • You say reconciliation activity on hold, not in Manchester, in full swing here.

  • based on what figures? Are they phoning round for October submission details? Or randomly picking numbers out of a hat? it has been known….

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