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Last nights result can hardly be a surprise to anyone who has witnessed McClaren and Venables at close hand. My front room contained both who, to a man (and woman), became immediately concerned following the equaliser that they would adopt their standard mutual tactic of sitting back on a “result”*. That was obviously not the only coaching mistake, 5-man midfield rarely works for me, and various selections were not correct either – starting at number 1. That said the players, save the giraffe, did not perform and Gerrard in particular seemed to be lacking the leadership qualities he displays in a Liverpool shirt.
However but for 10 minutes madness in Russia and a couple of goalkeeping errors we would have qualified. There is no need for the FA initiated “root and branch” overhaul save amongst their own, equally unfit for purpose, top table.
Finally why is nobody talking about Wise for manger and chirpy cockernay barra boy Bates for Barwick? (joke) Have ’em (serious).
*The best tactical approach, and individual performance, I ever witnessed in such circumstances was in the San Siro with Leeds and Alan Smith holding on to a draw for the entire second half. Ah but that was a long time ago.

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  • Yes please, I am the one and here is my team:
    Comments please….

  • Jose
    4 former Leeds players – must have a chance

  • If only England had won an award, say for “best practice in the innovative use of a football as part of the goal-making or defensive planning process”, before the game, the FA would have something positive to go on about now.

  • Just look on the bright side
    1. No agonising over whether we will actually qualify from the group stages.
    2. No pathetic lacklustre exit on pennaks at the quarter final stage.
    3. Large quantity of cash saved on lager!!

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