“Sort it aht you Muppets”

I have neither the time nor inclination to relate the myriad of problems people have had with Online billing. It would however seem that the claim that “The new LSC Online was successfully launched on Monday 5 November”* was somewhat premature.
Now I for one would be happy to give them an even break regarding this (no really) were such sentiments mutual. Can you imagine what degree of flexibility a firm would receive if it failed to do what it promised on time? (Try “thank you for your patience” next time you have a deadline)
As for the problems – did it not occur to them that they would have this amount of traffic and so make provision? and the volume of enquiries is inversely proportionate to the quality of their communication on the subject.
Here is some free advice – don’t change a system until you are certain that that the replacement will work and has been successfully tested. Very Big N.B. you can apply this to BVT too!
As our resident (not so) chirpy cockernay geezer would say “Sort it aht you muppets”
*Note extension for submissions to 27th November confirmed here.

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