You Could Not Make It Up

Guess who won the “Technology Award” at this years Civil Service Gongs? It is granted to those who demonstrate “best practice in the innovative use of technology as part of the policy-making or business planning process”.
Yes you’ve got it right The LSC Online Delivery Team.
(Do follow the link and read the citation – even if you are on “dial up” it is worth the wait)
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2 comments on “You Could Not Make It Up

  • Yes another public sector IT success. Following on from the Air Traffic control system, Passport Office, Magistrates Court system, the new MOD system.
    With this level of expertise and management skills, the new ID card system will be a total success and will no doubt come in under budget.

  • Too true!
    Given that this is the current best example of Civil Service I.T. one can only be grateful not to be on the receiving end of the worst!
    Did you know that if Google “Google” you can destroy the internet?

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