Friday Woe 

VHCC application issues seem to have just kicked off with two enquiries, relating to the disallowal of members from the defence team, received in the last hour. The deadline for a response is, ridiculously, Tuesday next week – after the months they have had these applications. Applicants should check the post to see that such […]

But We Still Love You Despite It All 

Always happy to do a Friday Song request: Less keen to do the dedication – but I’m sure he knows who he is! P.S. its not our very own “Pudding Boy” or “DJ Lip Up” if your wondering.

Just In 

Have you concerns about the conduct of cost appeals under the post October 2005 Rules and/or Immigration Contract Compliance audits? If so you might just want to give me a ring.

Seasonal Cheer 

I spoofed the LSC’s “snowed under with debt” press release. I now understand that practitioners have received a Christmas tree shaped card from the LSC emblazoned with this slogan (Did you get one?). A might insensitive at this time of good will to all men perhaps. We are, of course, not on their Christmas cards […]