FAVFM – Here we go Again

We have joked about this acronym for ages and yes, to repeat the old joke, it is not a new commercial radio station fronted by Smashie and Nicey.
As recent training delegates will be aware we have spookily been using the phrase “robust contract management” to describe the now defunct Preferred Supplier Scheme. So here, as predicted, is an outline of the new regime.
This reads as being predominantly aimed at Civil firms however the above link is to the CDS side of the website and we have recently experienced file samples of this sort in the criminal scheme.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear it looks like a trip back in time to the CC war years – optimism rationing all round.
Mike in the comments noticed that the link had gone askew – because the post has been removed from the CDS News section of the site – might this represent some good news for Criminal practitioners?
Hat Tip
Andrew Keogh and Mike
Rodney Warren confirms that the posting of the FAVFM detail to the CDS News section was another error – this WILL NOT apply to Criminal Firms. Sorry no such cheer for Civil practices.

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