Bullseye with the Friday Song 

Have you just received an e-mail from your RO starting with this Guinness World Record attempt at understatement?: “…our new LSC Online system is not yet performing as effectively as we would all like.” Er shouldn’t that read “is completely f@&*ed“. You might remember that we had quite a prickly episode with the “Award Winning […]

Advanced Showings 

Here is the belated guidance on reporting Mental Health matters post January 2008. We will turn the penultimate page into a laminate for practitioners next time we have some slave child labour (one of my work shy offspring) in the office.

A New Order? 

I can’t find Steve’s suggestion for the Friday song – football fans singing “you don’t know what you’re doing” – on You Tube. Here is my stab at a musical expression of the Zeitgeist: Your suggestions are welcomed!

Summed Up 

Good summary of the current state of play here – bit like my IL piece mentioned yesterday. Can I draw peoples attention to the LS activity regarding unrecouped payments on account? If you have easy access to the paper copy have a look at the front page where a pictorial case for keeping solicitor advocates […]