Chaos Theory 2 

The same Gazette article mentioned below also considers the additional chaos likely to follow from the Bar declining to sign VHCC contracts, as they must do by next week. Now we have only limited contact with Chambers. We have only really done any work with one set down the years – No 6 in Leeds. […]

Chaos Theory 1 

The Gazette also reflects upon what it titles “Legal Aid in Chaos” (as ever can’t provide a link on a Thursday because the paper snail mail copy is ahead of their web version). It will be interesting to see if these “minor teething problems” with the DSCC are easily ironed out or whether this description […]

Deadline Day 

Don’t forget as reported last Friday you have until tomorrow to complete and send this form to confirm your October, November and December claims information. This is essential to ensure a reasonable SMP in February. Yes I know it is you doing their job for them but there you go!