LAPG News 

The LAPG have a new Director. Can we welcome Carol Storer to the post and wish her all the best.

Radio Silence 

The LSC web-site is not normally reticent about about the level of take up for one of its new initiatives. I cannot be bothered linking to previous examples, you already know the type – “95% coverage delivered by signatories to new CDS/CLS contract”. Such headlines normally appear within 24 hours of the relevant deadline. So […]

Unification Bid 

Indications from bidders for new Immigration contracts, concurrent with the outcome of the Court of Appeal case, suggest a retendering of Civil contracts as indicated here. Can’t therefore resist this You Tube link – see if you can guess before going there.

Pointless Change and Swearing 

It seems that is it now no longer possible to ring the person you want at your Regional Office. Instead you have to be “routed” through the main switchboard. Today I wanted to avoid a long conversation, on a complicated eligibility issue, with a generic adviser from something called, I’d wager, “the customer service team”. […]

The Circle of Life 

Most of us have natural rhythms to their working lives – not liking Monday being the most common one. Fridays, as well as being song day on this blog, have a particular significance at JRS, especially with regard to telephone enquiries. On most Fridays for instance you can almost set the clock, at 3 pm, […]